Difference Are Significant

July 21 2009

The strategy differences between cash and SNGs are therefore significant. You must play SNGs in a tight-aggressive style early, transitioning to loose-aggressive when the blinds are high and fewer players remain. In a cash game, it is possible to win playing either a tight or loose style – as long as you are still aggressive. If you are inexperienced playing cash, you should begin by playing tight-aggressive. It’s a more straightforward style: You only enter pots with strong starting hands, and then bet for value after the flop. The only downside is the this style is also more predictable.

For instance, when you raise in early potion in a nine-handed game, an observant opponent will know that you ha, one of only a few hands (perhaps pock.- -pairs nines through aces, A-Q or A-K).

If you’re new to cash, you won’t playing the high-stakes games, course, and there are plenty of inobservant low-stakes players who will put off your early position raises wit weaker hands no matter how tight-_- you’ve been playing so far. A somewhere predictable tight-aggressive style :1 fine in these games, but you should, still be aware of how the observant players in the game will perceive you As a compromise, you might raise wit’ the occasional low pocket pair or suit end connectors from early or middle, position.

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These hands will balance your range, keep you unpredictable and can still pay off big. Don’t get carried away, though; stick mostly to strong starting hands when you are starting out.