Sportsbook Poker Bonus

Exclusive Bonuses

sportsbook bonus offers some of the most competitive and great bonuses you can find online. For a newcomer they are able to offer new members joining a one time offer of 100% bonus of up to $650. Existing player rest assured there are plenty of opportunities and promotions to keep you happy and keep coming for more.

One of these such promotions is the opportunity to win some exclusive tickets to poker tournaments as well as major sporting events such as The Super Bowl. This offer of mixing poker with the world of other sports is unique and won’t be found anywhere else.

As you keep playing on the site, players can earn Gold Chips which can be spent on entry to special freeroll events which give a chance of winning from $1000 to $3000. All Sportsbook com asks from each player is to keep playing, players can earn around 100 points for every game they play. Gold cards are another way of enticing player to ring play. These cards can be used on the spot during the daily lottery for gold card on the site or can be saved and spent later on other promotions.


This is an exclusive bonus which we are providing for all plays visiting this site. To get this bonus visit the following link and insert the bonus code (1000HOT). Hope you enjoy the welcome bonus and have fun.

Exclusive Tournaments

www Sportsbook com has some of the most interesting games which are variably different from the norm, giving players a brand new experience. Games can start from as low as $1 to only a few 100 dollars, this allows for new players to build up their confidence as they play more and get confident to spend more.

Players have the option to participate in Sit N Go events which has proved to be very popular amongst its huge customer database. This allows for up to 10 players at 6 tables to play at one time. Players can hope to earn around $5 to 20 in one hand.