The flop comes KV-96-3+

July 20 2009

2 The flop comes KV-96-3+ and both blinds check to you.

What is your play? A. Bet B. check

There are two cards in the playing zone of hands that either get played more often or create some kind of draw, and those cards are the king and the nine. As the preflop raiser, you are well set to represent the king, as you may have an ace-king or king-queen combination or possibly a hand like ace-jack.

Against one opponent, making a continuation bet would be mandatory, but with the presence of an extra player, the hand becomes a little more problematic. This is why the difference between checking and betting is not great and why checking it back has been awarded eight points.

You bet $3 into the $4.50 pot and both opponents call, making $13.50 in the pot.