Both opponents check to you again

July 21 2009

4 Both opponents check to you again, and you are sitting there with basically nothing. What is your play?

A. Bet B. Check

Many players would reason here that they couldn’t win this hand by checking, and they would be right. But the fact is that you couldn’t win this hand by betting either. You gave up all right to bluff this river when you checked the turn. Checking the turn after raising preflop and betting the flop and then getting called just smells too much like a player from sports book poker who is weak and who is afraid to take another stab at it.

You already know that someone is sitting out there with some kind of made hand. Are you so desperate to win a $13 pot that you are going to risk a huge over-bet bluff against two players in order to get your hands on it? You decide to fire at the pot and make a $10 bet on the end, and the small blind calls you and shows the K, -10+ for top pair – don’t say I didn’t warn you!