Sportsbook Bonus

Loyalty Bonus

Sportsbook poker bonus are something very special, these is just one of the ways which make it one of the best. Players are able to earn Gold Cards through standard ring games. These cards holds valuable cash which when the player completes a set can turn them in for a cash prize of $52,000 . The cards are given out by randomly through a specialised system which means anyone has an equal chance of winning in any given moment. There are no particular catches so players can carry on playing their usual games as if nothing was going on.

An alternative Gold Cards are the Gold Chips these operate the same way as reward points do, when a player plays a certain number of games they will receive chips in recognition. These can then be spent in the sportsbook store or entry to exclusive poker tournaments and bonuses.


sportsbook poker com has started to be recognised for some of the best beginner games available online. This has is due to the low stakes which are offered to all players. For the more experienced poker players, they will generally find the site fun and potential to earn some extra winnings without too much hassle. There are certain games during peak hours where the difficulty increases giving other player the opportunity to test their skills.


This is an exclusive bonus which we are providing for all plays visiting this site. To get this bonus visit the following link and insert the bonus code (1000HOT). Hope you enjoy the welcome bonus and have fun.